Derek Szydlowski & Yosuke Tomita

Derek Szydlowski & Yosuke Tomita


Scaling Gengo on AWS: from 10,000 translators, 150 million words, and beyond!

Do you know about Gengo? Learn what we do, how we started, and some of the lessons we have learned scaling our systems to meet the demands of 150 million words.  We will discuss how Amazon has helped us along the way and what we plan to take advantage  of in the future.


Derek Szydlowski ― Lead Operations Engineer
Lived and worked in San Francisco, San Diego, Irvine and Tokyo. Formerly at Intuit’s Control Systems International, where he worked on testing and reliability for highly available projects like the Alyeska Pipeline. Also focused on engineering and ops for high traffic sites like the Intuit TurboTax Live Community. You can catch Derek riding on things with two wheels and geeking out with Arduinos. 

Yosuke Tomita ― DevOps and Software Engineer
Living and working in Tokyo.Formerly worked on API development and Data Analytics at Navitime. Prior to that did work with Rakuten and Coo-revo. Studied at Hitotsubashi University Tokyo.  Likes watching American Football and exploring Tokyo with his two kids.


Twitter: @gengoit

- Anyone interested in translation and going global
- People interested in architectures in AWS and scaling pitfalls and lessons. 

We are hiring QA Engineers! If you love trying to break things and making them better, we’d like to talk to you.